• Best Buy Mobile QR Code Upgrade Checker

    Created as part of the "Game Changer" network. Discussion about creating elements for ideas on QR codes driving traffic to upgrade checks.

  • Trial in-store QR code signs for Facebook & Twitter

    Although I've had success on a national stage with Twelpforce store support has been lacking on a media tool that could benefit so many customers and ...

  • Best Buy Twitter Pages

    These twitter pages are done for those within the twelpforce contributors.

  • Best Buy Mobile Fliers

    These fliers were done somewhat last minute on a whim of management. Had to get the fonts and take pictures of co-workers (the pictures were done with...

  • Best Buy ’06 Fiscal Report

    This was a class project to re-create a fiscal report of a major brand. Because of my employment with Best Buy, it seemed like a natural choice.

  • Imprivata

    Imprivata is a growing company in the healthcare industry based on authentication management and single sign-on technologies. While doing my 9 to 5 I ...

  • Seaport Cafe

    This is a client that needed last minute print and digital menus. They contacted me 4 days before opening. It was an interesting experience.

  • Ant & Bee

    Ant & Bee was my first paid work, until the client decided they didn't want to make soap anymore. It was nice to try styles I wasn't used to and desig...

  • Colorblind

    Colorblind is a work that was to be an informative book for a class project.  I took the idea of a silent picture format with the idea of what cer...

  • Redesign of Magazine Ad

    This was a project to recreate an ad in a magazine using similar elements, changing the product & copy.

  • Amanda of The Dresden Dolls

    This project was done for a typography project. Using the current logo at the time from their album, I found type that was similar in fashion.



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